Please review important information below before your trip.


Pre-Travel Checklist

Complete our Pre-Travel checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything before your trip. Fill it out or download a printable copy here.


Download the AXUS app so you can have easy access to your itinerary and instant contact with our team. See instructions on how to download and use AXUS here.

Available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Google Translate App

Download the Google Translate app so you don’t get lost in translation while traveling. See instructions on how to download and use the app here.

Available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.


Be sure you have reviewed the luggage allowances listed in your AXUS itinerary, paying special attention to any restrictions.

Room Information

Smoking - We usually request non-smoking rooms in all available locations

Mini bars - Room mini bars varies. Please contact us for more details if desired

Room service - Room service varies. Please contact us for more details if desired

Safes - In-room safes varies. Please contact us for more details if desired


You may be able to make and receive telephone calls on your normal cell phone while abroad, check with your service provider prior to traveling. Many experienced travelers carry an unlocked, tri-band phone. This allows one to purchase a local SIM card in most countries, which provides the user with an actual local phone number to make and receive calls. The unlocked tri-band phone is a one-time purchase; the local SIM cards are usually a nominal expense. Credit is easily purchased and added as needed. In most countries, it is free to receive calls. This is the best and least expensive option for travelers who wish to be reachable.

We also recommend obtaining a satellite phone if you must stay in contact in places with no service. Please ask us for more information.


You will want to check with your medical insurer to ascertain your medical and hospitalization coverage while traveling abroad. If this should prove inadequate, it is strongly advised that you arrange for such insurance to cover you during your trip. We also can recommend insurance to cover overseas medical evacuation, which is a very good thing to have.

Travel insurance is highly recommended! Usually, this needs to be purchased within three weeks of payment of trip deposit. We recommend Travelex. Please ask us for details.

Fitness Level

Trip fitness level is easy to difficult. Level dictated by your excursion interests.


You'll be visiting several different photographer's paradises... you will absolutely want a decent camera, but avoid super-complicated operations which involve multiple lenses... the trouble involved hardly justifies the results, unless you're a pro. We suggest one good lens that can go from fairly close up to zoom. Bring plenty of memory cards.


Many guests like to ship purchases, rather than lug them home. However, this can be an expensive proposition. It is never advisable to use regular mail, as many articles simply disappear and never arrive at their destination. Express carriers like FedEx and DHL are vastly preferable, but expensive. Storekeepers usually can arrange shipping. However, this option should only be exercised if your purchases are paid for by credit card. Otherwise, they may never arrive. For more information, contact FedEx, DHL or any other reputable overseas shipper. Be advised that most individual artists and craftsmen accept cash only.